About us

A strong and flexible partner!


“It takes 20 years to earn a reputation and only 5 minutes to ruin it. If you keep that in mind, you do things differently.” Waren Buffet

Our profession is your added value - highly specialized, individually tailored to you.

Use the DNA of our high-performance team – the world revolves around you:

  • We proactively generate competition for you as a financing customer – credit cost savings
  • Preliminary examination – analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your financing request – we find the suitable financing and the suitable financing partner, you can concentrate completely on your business
  • Benefit from our market overview – we take care of your best financing
  • Professional market approach through tender procedures with detailed credit protocols
  • Direct communication channels to the relevant decision-makers, transparent for you as a customer
  • We negotiate the credit conditions for you and create a preliminary credit agreement, a so-called term sheet, as a basis for further discussions with you, we are the “player advisor” at your side.
  • With our expertise and lean processes, you save valuable time and reach your goal directly
  • We create room for maneuver in financial matters, through an independent perspective we ensure that we do not favor any bank and only represent your interests.
  • Our team supports you throughout the entire process of applying for financing and provides you with transparent and independent support beyond that.
  • In addition, we help small and medium-sized companies, freelancers and self-employed persons to finance machinery, vehicle fleets, operating resources and commercial real estate. This gives you the opportunity to invest in growth, maintain liquidity and raise funds.